May 2021 Wrap Up

This month was SO SO busy for me, with the tennis season in full swing and studying/taking AP tests. It was also my birthday this month! I didn’t ask for any books for my birthday since I’m not huge fan of buying books, but I was able to get 5 books from a book sale that my library was having. The books I bought were The Sisters Grimm Book 1 (a childhood favorite), Graceling, City of Bones (I don’t support Cassandra Clare and will only be buying secondhand books by her), and the This Savage Song duology! I’m so excited to read Graceling and This Savage Song for the first time.


  • Read 2 books
  • Two 4 star reads
  • Favorite book of May: Legendborn

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

I was nervous going into this because I usually never read contemporary fantasy, but I ended up loving it! I was so glad that this was a fantasy book with a Black main character, since fantasy (surprisingly) seems to have the least amount of diversity in it. The magic system was so intricate and detailed, and I loved how the Black experience was written seamlessly into the book all the while maintaining its fantastical elements. Bree, the main character, was so relatable and strong, and I know many readers will be able to see themselves in her. The discussion on grief and coping with the death of a loved one was so well done and one of the highlights of this book.(Note: there was a subtle love triangle, but it wasn’t annoying to me at all like most love triangles are.) Rating: 4 stars.

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This was a very solid YA read for me! I liked how fast-paced it was, and I was never bored with the plot because it moved so quickly. I expected more twists and turns as well as trickier/more creative riddles, but I guess we can’t all be Truly Devious! I would definitely recommend it to fans of Truly Devious, though, and people who like books centered around games and mysteries. Rating: 4 stars

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