June 2022 Wrap Up

School finally ended this month, and I actually survived junior year! I’m going to start doing more life updates in this section of my monthly wrap ups, because I want you guys to get to know me better outside of reading. So, right after I finished school, I went to the Boston area for a few college tours. Currently, I’m working on my personal statement for my college applications and doing a lot of college stuff in general. I’m also volunteering at a city hospital, working a tutoring job, and taking a Government and Law class for school. I’m also hoping to get a midyear book tag upload to the blog soon. This month I read a lot less than I expected, but it’s okay!


  • Read: 3 books
  • Two 4 star reads and one 5 star
  • Favorite book of June: See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

After absolutely loving Today Tonight Tomorrow, I had high expectations for this book and was not disappointed. Miles and Barrett were such nuanced, dynamic characters who both grew so much throughout the story and complemented each other perfectly. I really liked how this book discussed bad high school experiences and trying to “reinvent” oneself in college, because it’s such a relatable topic. The Groundhog Day/time travel plot line was so much fun, too! There were a lot of lessons that Barrett learned throughout the story, but I wish that her lessons were not stated so heavy-handedly and explicitly. I didn’t love this one as much as Today Tonight Tomorrow. However, it was still an amazingly written romance with superb character development! Rating: 5 stars

Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

This was a short, enjoyable read with a cute bodyguard/princess romance. The writing was a little too immature for my taste, but I absolutely loved reading and learning about many aspects of Japanese culture. Rating: 4 stars

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

I am astounded by how much better the ToG series is compared to ACOTAR. The writing doesn’t make me want to throw up! Jokes aside, I was very surprised by how much I loved this book. The stakes were high, the plot was heart-racing, and we got to see Celeana’s character have more depth. I didn’t see the plot twists coming, either. The one major thing that knocks my rating down 1 star is… SPOILER WARNING: How Chaol and Celeana’s relationship was completely obliterated in the most stupid way possible. I did not understand at all why SJM broke up a beautiful relationship that she had spent 2 books building up in the span of 1 page. There was literally no reason for Chaol and Celeana to end the way they did, over a mistake. The way it played out made me SO frustrated and angry, so I will certainly be petty and knock my rating down 1 star. Rating: 4 stars

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