February 2022 Wrap Up

I’m sad to say that this month has been the worst reading month for me in 2 years. Junior year is getting roughhhh, man.


  • Read: 3 books
  • Zero 1 star reads, zero 2 stars, two 3 stars, one 4 star
  • Favorite book of February: From Lukov with Love

From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

My second Mariana Zapata book, and I’m really starting to see that she is the queen of slow burn romances (sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing). I literally waited to read this book in February for all the winter vibes. This was a beautiful story about the main character’s struggles with her sports career as well as her family, and I could relate to Jasmine in many aspects. I thought that the relationship, mostly friendship, between Jasmine and Ivan was developed extremely well and it made me emotional a few times. However, I was disappointed that there were no scenes of romantic tension or lead up to them getting together. The scenes had more of a friendship tone, and personally for me I would’ve liked more romantic tension. It also sometimes rubbed me the wrong way how Ivan teased Jasmine about her body. Other than that, I really liked this! Rating: 4 stars

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

I was so bored by this book, and I think it was because I couldn’t connect to any of the characters- which was probably because the main character couldn’t speak out loud and half the side characters were literal birds. Nothing felt high stakes, and I was skimming even through the climax of the plot. This book is by the author of Spin the Dawn, and I feel like both these books had the same problem: all the elements were there for a super compelling and exciting fantasy plot, but they were put together in a lackluster manner. Rating: 3 stars

Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

To be completely honest, while I read this book I was going through a 16 day reading slump (which hasn’t ever happened to me since I’ve started getting into reading!). Part of it might have been because of the book, but most of it was probably because of school and SAT/ACT stuff. Weather Girl has a heroine with depression and a plus-sized hero, and I think that this representation will be powerful for a lot of people. It was really unique and special that the author wrote this story partly to convey that people suffering from depression can have their own rom com stories. The romance was very sweet and I loved Ari’s relationship with Russell’s daughter, but it was a little too boring for my taste. I would’ve liked to see more wacky hijinks of Russell and Ari setting up their bosses like I was promised in the synopsis. Rating: 3 stars.

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